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A Sestina Spoken to Death

January 26, 2010
By Drown_Me_In_Blue DIAMOND, Brooklyn, New York
Drown_Me_In_Blue DIAMOND, Brooklyn, New York
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I envy the flower on the precipice, which leans into the sky
When I dare not, and can only weep bitter tears.
I long to step off the world’s edge, to spread my wings and fly,
Yet am bound by the chains of my moon-bright fears.
Heartbreaking beauty turns to sorrow, overflowing as we cry,
Piercing like a bow-shot arrow through the white-drenched night.

Hope and despair wear the same face in the still night.
As the wind tears the clouds to pieces in the guilty sky,
Star-song pierces the clouds like a broken cry
And fades until my hands feel empty, as black tears
Fall down to drench a world clouded by my fears.
With wings of forgotten dreams, not bound by endless sorrow, let me fly.

My heart, touched by this opalescent brilliance, could grow wings and fly.
Moonlight, concealed from my earth-bound eyes, does not lift the gloom of night
That awakens nightmares haunted with apparitions of my fears.
Dreaming of crimson wings that fill the sky,
My eyes burn with unshed tears,
But my sorrow does not rule me, and I refuse to cry.

I embrace this finite life to the point of pain, but will not cry.
If I keep running, can I deny even death, and fly?
Sent to the stormy heavens with glittering tears,
Waiting for the end of this evanescent night,
I shed my mortal coil to see the pearl-radiance of the sky,
Longing for a world where I’ll be reborn without these fears.

A hoarse voice rings across the ocean, suspending, momentarily, my fears.
Like waves on the shore of a silver sea, the departing soul’s last cry
Echoes into eternity and across the clearing sky.
If I find my wings, what can I do but catch the wind and fly?
So I’ll seize these dreams and soar away, into the moon-drenched night,
Fighting back what my heart lets go, since I won't give in to tears.

If I wish to see all the colors of the rainbow, I must dry my tears
And let go of the never-ending remorse that accompanies my fears.
My heart and mind, these separate entities, meet and join in the fading night,
As light illuminates the twilight beauty that could lead an innocent to cry;
Like that flower on the precipice, I am no longer afraid to fly
As the new sun crosses over that clear blue sky.

Now past are the days when fears led me to cry,
To weep scorching tears, and never dare to fly,
Because we live forever in the color of each night’s sky.

The author's comments:
I've fallen in love with this form of poetry. Yay, sestinas!

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