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The end is near

May 7, 2008
By Anonymous

The end is near
And all will fear
A time when reality’s
Replaced by insanity
The end is near

Who will go
And who will stay
Who has to power to decide anyway
The end is near

We won’t expect it
It catches us by surprise
Our hearts will break
And tears will fall from our eyes

Those around us will wilt
It will seem as if our world has come to a stand still
But we move on
We beat death
If only in life

We will go on
Live to remember
Sometimes remember to forget
The pain is too real
Too close to our now broken hearts

Our loved ones hold us together
We hold on to them
It’s nice to know that when times are tough
Life will send us a family member or friend

So now we say goodbye
The end is near
We let our lives recover
We let you rest
But we too know that sooner or latter
The end will be near

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