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School Time

May 7, 2008
By Anonymous

School Time

First period is language, my favorite.
A mad rush to the right seats as the bell rings.
Talking, but learning.
Rapping, but still writing on our papers.
The constant calling of two buzzing in my ears.
Now back to the lockers.

Slam, shut the locker.
Run down to math, algebra absolutely my favorite,
Not! Slide into the right seat as the bell rings.
Get out my papers,
Try to listen, try to learn.
Again the bell fills my ears.

Now art, gives my tired ears
a break. So pens, no papers.
Only for five minutes do we have to learn.
Taking on the frustration on the clay, a favorite.
I don’t have to go to my locker.
I don’t even count down till the bell rings.

Now at social studies, so many bells ringing.
Walk to see my friends at their lockers.
Sitting with my friends at my favorite
table. Lots of papers,
lost in my folders. My ears,
listening and learning.

In Life Skills I learn
skills for life. Not many papers.
But I listen with my ears
all class. I don’t wait for the bell to ring.
I don’t think about going to my locker.
All I think is “this is my favorite”.

School is not my favorite,
Too many papers and learning.
I listen for the ringing with my ears and rush to my locker.

This will certify that the above work is completely original
Caitlin Qua

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