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Boogy Man Blues

May 7, 2008
By Anonymous

Boogy Man Blues

If you too were named after clumps of dried nasal slippery secretions of mucus
You might understand why my hatred is a big focus or…fucus
Dust bunny air buzzes like a morning bee against my lungs as I hum the boogy man blues
But the blues cannot be repainted below the world of those who snooze

Bloodcurdling, Infamous, tumultuous am I
The nightmare never belonging
The sight of an unwanted eye
The stories hoped to be told by the lying,

the crying……

the undermining….

the dying???

No form, no words have been found to describe
the monstrous being to my reputation to ascribe
All but known be the sound they hear
the screeching squash of a mosquito magnified to fit the shoe-size of fear

The eels of the underworld squirm through slime sludge of the remains of soul
The leftovers of my evening's dine
On the menu tonight "little Mary sue a la picatta" and "bobby Joe frittata"
Yes, O yes, the bogyman's meal is luxurious and divine

But full I am indeed, as I have chewed my share of children tonight
A doggie bag please? Yes indeed that would be a delight
See the little ones have a good share of meat
One says he hates his grandma, but she was a pleasure to eat

The clowns have a funny taste
The priest? Ohh its sinfully delicious
The lawyer? Give it a try or trial--for a cost
Though me wallet's a bit exhaust

But truth be told
None is known about the man beneath thy beast
Beyond the gravestone slab, semented, buried, cold
That is my heart and what remains of my soul

Lies a gentle angel caressing the life I once lived goodbye
The life that was my Meredith
The dew droplet on my grassy dawn breaking mind
My Meredith, the air to my breath

I heard the mumbo-jumbo nonsensical talk
Told by the lying,

not the crying…

not the undermining…

not the…dying…

or so I thought

My power of relegation never flourished in the sea of doubt
But how I wish it did, for the sake of destiny's untrusting crew
For the man beneath thy beast shall forever be in evanescence
While the dust bunny air buzzes like a morning bee against my lungs while I hum the
boogy man blues

"This will certify that the above work is completely original."

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