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Say Goodbye to your Family

March 2, 2010
By Dedos83 GOLD, Park City, Utah
Dedos83 GOLD, Park City, Utah
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Feeling crashing in like waves on the shore.
You want to scream, you want to cry,
But the fear takes your voice away.
No where to go, no where to hide.
The beast is too strong to tame.

Everything around you moving side to side.
The ground trembling, shaking rapidly.
Soon you hear a loud, ear-piercing shout,
Coming from the room next to you.
You need to move, do something,
But your legs are stuck beneath you.

Why Mother Earth? Why?
Why would you punish us this way?
If only there was a remedy for disaster.
Or a glue strong enough to hold the floor together

The yelling stops, and in an unexpected event,
Everything settles, but will it last?
You run to another room, is anyone there?
You can search all you want,
But you won’t find anyone else,

The author's comments:
This is a poem about the recent earthquake in Chile. Chile is the country in which I was born and where all of my family lives. They are suffering terribly right now, and many lives were lost thanks to this earthquake. Luckily my family is fine.

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