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Love You

May 8, 2008
By Anonymous

that i cry mostly all day becuase i cant hug u
that its hard hearing nothing back wen i say 'i love you'
that wen i sqeeze my pillow tight i still can smell u
that i spill ma heart out on paper that wont help me tell u
that i more den love you

that wen i daydream its always about us getting married or
that i cry because i wont get 2 have your kid 2 carry
that I've written your name over every notebook that i own
that since i don't have u all i want to be is alone
that now I'm always alone

that i stop in between every sentence because tears keep falling
that I'm sorry i failed to listen when u said stop calling
that in ma room i remember u here to and we had to whisper
that i want back all the times you cheated wen playing twister
that I've spent a whole year with you and now its all gone
that to say the truth its all ma fault

that sooner or later a girl's gonna prove that my love ain't spit
that she'll be a wifey so much better that you wont dare hit
that sometimes i stare n the mirror and wonder why you loved me
that seeing u happy only makes me more happy for u trust me
that i deal wit constant critizism every single day
thats why it was so hard 4 me 2 believe things u say

that everything reminds me of a memory we had
that i think of u even wen I'm looking at ma cat
that its not fair its killing me but making u strong
that during dis i realized you've been fine all along

that i cry n i cry n i cry so much more
that its karma that my tears don't mean spit like yours didn't before
that i cant be on 5th street without looking at your corner
that i do wish that all dis stuff i was over
But I'm getting closer
by:nydia beltran

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