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Heaven and Hell

May 13, 2008
By Anonymous

I am a soldier
In a silent war.
Every day is a battle,
Every hour a struggle.
As I face my opponent
I notice the bags
Under the eyes,
The bruises
Not on the skin
But on the heart,
The wearied expression
Of a childhood gone too fast.
For what are we all
if not a reflection of our past?
Sword in hand
I fight to kill.
Take no prisoners!
A prisoner long enough!
Water engulfs my every thought
As my mind begins to swim.
Images from the past
Pour down in a torrent
All around me.

A man.

He cries.

Tears of joy.


They laugh.


A barricade becomes a buoy adrift in this sea.
Slowly succumbing to the downpour,
To Drown in the monsoon,
I falter.
Only then do I back away
from the mirror.

This will certify that the above work is completely original. Allie Morrison Note: Due to the personal nature of this piece, I request the poem's author to be my pen name, Tommy Foy, if published. Thank you.

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