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Our Home

May 14, 2008
By Anonymous

Our Home

Sitting in our home, my comfort level is expanding.

In this room, no one is demanding.

Friendships lasting lifetimes.

Everybody has differences sometimes.

Everyone is interested in the same thing, yet no one is the same.

We sing all through lunch period trying to get our own fame.

Why can’t the whole world be this nice?

The time is going faster. I have to walk by the crowds twice.

My friend and I walk out into a crowd of cliques we have to pass.

Passing by jocks, nerds, and emos, my friend fades to his class.

I have to walk the rest of the way without my friends to math.

I have to wait 80 minutes listening to a retiring teacher’s wrath.

We get out of class and I meet up with my clique again.

I have TJ on one side and on the other is Ben.

The jocks toss their binders to each other like a football.

It hits an emo in the face and makes her trip and fall.

The nerds are walking with their glasses and Calculus books.

They walk by the plastics giving them their usual dirty looks.

When it’s finally over, I have an open hallway to the home I adore.

We arrive back to our home with the rest of the show choir kids to sing some more.

After the adventure we go home, wake up, and do it all over again the next day.

There is nothing more and nothing less to say.

This is what I love.

We are a clique and it is something we are proud of.

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