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My Love

May 15, 2008
By Anonymous

I watch him leave with a wave good bye

His smile bigger than ever

I wait by the door for his return

As the tuck pulls up, I see him standing there only about 3 feet tall

He holds a hand as he gets ready to cross

He saw me and beamed me a smile

He pulled his hand away from that hand so he can come tell me about his day

He stepped out into the street without a clue

A truck shrieked to a stop and that hand tried to pull him away

Is he okay I wondered? Did he jump back in time? Was he hit?

Than I heard screams, but they were not his

I fell to my knees and cried

I thought I lost my youngest brother

Then I heard him scream

I ran to him and held him close to me

I yelled call 911, call 911 as i watched blood drip from his little body

As I held that teary eyed four year old his eyes connected with mine

He asked me Auttie am I going to die?

My heart broke in two, I said No my love you have angels watching over you

Tears dripped off my face onto his

He looked up at me and said Auttie don't cry I love you

He was so strong that day

The moral is life can change in an instant, so cherish the times you have with the people you love

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