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Glimmer of Hope

May 13, 2008
By Anonymous

The nights are black & cold, the air is thin and crisp. When the harshness of life brings along Jack Frost and you fear there is nothing left. Blizzards come crashing down destroying what you thought you had fixed, leaving you worse than the start. Once you think there is nothing left the spheres of ice come crashing down. The addictions, the relationships, and loneliness, as you try to taste love. Then come the flurries sprinkling like needles onto your unhealed wounds. And when you realize that what you thought you had found has indeed become a monster it is too late for us to escape for from the start there was never a way out. You try to let your wounds heal but the cold air freezes your scars. So you run trying to stay warm; from relationship to relationship, high to high, blade to blade. Your only company is your breathe in the air yet it always flies away. You scream out cries of dispair into the unforgiving night only to hear the laughter of the wind. Yet, what drives you? What motivates you to push through all this snow. Hope. The warm days that alleviate the frost bite, those days that turn even the coldest hearts to kindness. Yes, those are the days that you hope for, they are the days that you yearn, for they are a sign of spring.

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