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May 14, 2008
By Anonymous

I thought you were my friend
You were always be there for me
the way I always have been there for you.
You would come to me if you thought there
was something wrong.
You would call me out of the blue
just to make sure I was all right.
I guess I was wrong.
Now you pass me by without a single word.
No smile, no wave, nothing.
I try to talk to you, but you just walk away.
You say things behind my back
and believe the rumors spread about me.
I worry about what you may become
if you stay on the path you are on,
but once again you blow me off and say that nothing is wrong.
When I look into your eyes they show me who you are
and it is not who I remember you to be.
You were kind, gentle, and caring
never thinking of yourself.
You were amazing,
the kind of person I wished I could be.
Now you are hard, cold, and heartless
thinking of no one but yourself.
You have become the kind of person I never want to be.
You used to be there for me, lending a helping hand
But now all I have to say to you is

I thought you were my friend.

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