Always | Teen Ink


May 14, 2008
By Anonymous

the newly washed smell of his sweatshirts that hang
on his boyish figure
the delicate softness of his touch that shoots
through your entire body

the golden brown strands of his hair that sway so innocently
you will always love him

when the palm of your hand meets the flat of his chest through his navy tee
when his arms encircle you in a jungle of warmness
keeping you safe f o r e v e r
when his tender, low voice echoes within your thoughts
you will always love him

when your eyes trace over his vulnerable lips

the ones that are ironically

the ones that you long to taste the kiss of

you will always love him

he’s the boy who makes you crazy

he’s the boy who won’t leave your mind

he’s the boy who will n e v e r know

these secrets.

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