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Life's Choice

May 14, 2008
By Anonymous

Nevermore shall we grow weary
Wondering why so much had past
Puzzled on which path to take
Find your choice, don’t look back

Farther and farther down this path
Scared and cautious, don’t look back
Hear a noise, what’s that sound
Hear it closer, but you don’t turn around

Getting dark minute by minute
The sound gets closer as you quicken pace
Not certain of how far you’ve gone
Unsure of the time you waste

You see a light, you’re getting closer
Still not wanting to look back
The sound keeps gaining
You’re running faster but yet you’re slower on your track

Brighter and brighter the light does grow
The noise dying down
What it was you’ll never know
Brighter as the light still does grow

Surrounded by light you feel happy
No worries bind you to before
Yet you sense this won’t last
Worry comes and grips you fast

What will happen when I leave
Will I die when I wonder
Growing scared as time passes
Feeling like you’ve been deceived

Screaming why do I have to leave
I was calm and at peace
Yelling because you’re afraid of the beast
The one that you know is waiting

Time keeps growing shorter yet
Light starts dimming, growing smaller
You feel scared, helpless, and small
Slowly the darkness over takes you

Slowly you begin to shake
Its not cold yet you’re freezing
Peace and harmony slowly fleeting
The noise you feel growing louder

The noise gets louder and louder yet
You sink because the noise surrounds you
You know the end is almost near
Suddenly you’re calm and have no fear

Worrying less and less
Your body tenses for the strike
You feel the force of air then a scream
Everything is calm and quiet

What’s happened and what’s going on
You look around and find
You’re right at the beginning
Nothing has happened at all

Your choices are clear again
Go down the path and see if its true
Or go back the way you came
Go back to what you knew

The choice is up to you
To the unknown and strange
To what you know that’s peaceful and true
Just keep in mind the choice is up to you.

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