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i am who i am

May 14, 2008
By Anonymous

First off I appreciate the way I am. I am unperfect.I'm fully aware of my imperfections.
and quite frankly. I'm beginning to not care.im

nothing special.im combined
efforts of everyone that i know.I know you can't get to know me through this one paragraph, i am writing but I'll to try and sum it all up for you. I hold alot of my feelings in.I don't try hard enough at most things.I randomly burst out laughing at times.I don't think I'm better than anyone else. I accept everyone forwho they are.if you treat me with respect you'll get the same in return I talk too much, or I don't talk enough, it never balances out!

say what u want, do as u please,but im not the type of girl whos gonna break down because of one thing u said to me; im stong ,im independent,i hold my own head up!yet not complicating but no one seems to understand me. i live for god and god only. i live my life to the fullest, i have no regrets.

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