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The Other Side

May 14, 2008
By Anonymous

A chapter of my life is over.
The memories rest in my mind
As if they happened yesterday.
An odd sensation forms
In the pit of my stomach.
None of the feelings I felt before
Will ever repeat exactly the same.

Everything came so quickly and
Sped away like a racecar. My head
is filled with the memories of the past,
Nothing but memories. My mind is stuck
In a place where nothing is real and
Present. Am I trapped here forever?

With every ending, there are new
Beginnings. No matter how horrible the
Ending was, there is always something to
Look forward to. I will never forget
These memories I am so fond of. But, I
Cannot live in the past. Yes, I have had
Memorable times, but another door has
Opened for me. I must step through and
See what opportunities await for me on The other side.

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