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The Trail

May 16, 2008
By Anonymous

The wind rushes past you
As you fly across the road
Your hair flies behind you
As cold sweat falls over your eyes

You struggle for breath
But all you get is ice-cold air
All you hear is the sound of your feet
Hitting against the ground

Cars rush by you
But you don’t see them
Your eyes don’t focus
And you zip right past the scenery

The cold soil beneath your feet
Is the only thing that seems real
And gravity is the only thing
That keeps you from leaving the ground

You grasp for air
As you start to lean against a tree
But your legs just keep on going
And they don’t ever want to stop

The world around you closes in
As you head for the end of the trail
Nothing seems real
Your legs go numb and your lungs burn

You struggle to keep your water down
As you try to walk
But all they want to do is run
Run until you can’t go any farther

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