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Time Ends

May 16, 2008
By Anonymous

I see it as the time of everything is running out
Never to return and never looking back
Life is no longer life
There is only death.
Time has stopped, held still for all of eternity.
In the distance of this obis there is only a morrage of happiness.
The mountain of youth is to far to reach
And all who try to inhabit it fail miserably.
The ticktock has halted and the spinning of the dial has broken.
All future, all heaven, all peace has become idle.
There is no hope left for these unlucky souls
They are being forced through these walls.
Never to move again.
It is their Hell, their Inferno.
If they yell no one would hear their cries
The horrid wind would wash their voices away like the Bering Sea.

-Inspired by the painting "The Persistence of Memory"

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