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Violet Hour

May 16, 2008
By Anonymous

There comes a time in every day
When everything seems so clear,
When tomorrow is so close
And yesterday is so near.

The beautiful horizon has began to fade,
Into the darkness of the night,
Slowly leaving the colors a different shade.

He sips on a glass of chardonnay,
Leaning against grayed siding,
While admiringthe sunset everyday.

Clocks tick slowly at this time
Allowing many to reminisce the past,
Dreaming of the futures offering,
Waiting for what tomorrow brings at last.

Most interpret this ending of the day
As the setting of the sun goes astray.
While I, in fact, believe this hour
Resembles fields full of flours.

When noticing its short stay
Do not begin to worry.
The next is only a day away.

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