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The Earth's Heartbeat

May 20, 2008
By Anonymous

“If you listen closely,
You can hear the Earth’s heartbeat,”
My neighbor once told me.
Three years,
Seven months,
And nineteen days later, he
The day after the neighborhood tragedy,
I pressed my face against the green turf
And I decided to just listen for once.
I could hear the crumbling tires caressing the gravel
And the low droning footsteps walking – walking faster.
I lay on the umber dirt -
Silent, still, watching.
There was some futile commotion
That I could faintly hear
Back by the grassy field.
I stood there in front of everyone -
Silent, still, watching.
The nomadic wind swept away the lost words,
And the Earth’s heartbeat stopped,
And all was at peace,
Just the way it should be.

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