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May 16, 2008
By Anonymous


My oh my
What an ugly sight
When I look deep down under
There is only one thing to do!

May be go to the doctor
To get that little jagged pill
To quench my anger,
My confusion and my pain!

It’s all so grim
When you really look at it!
My mind over whelms me.
So many people look down!

But what do they really know
Any ways!
That pill may keep me satisfied
For those 8 hour’s!

Ok ok.......
Let me see!
What else I can do here!
May be open the door to my heart!
No ones aloud there
Not even the owner of that heart!

See I knew this was going to happen
See..... This Self-examination thing was not going to work!

I’m not ready,
Not strong enough!
Yea.... that’s it not strong enough!

I’ll go any were but there!
To open that portal
Into the soul of the lost girl

I want to save her
.... I really do
But I’m scared myself!

To reach out my hand and take her in to the light
Would be my joy!
But she’s been there for so many years
She may turn her head!
Despite her pain she does not want to see
Anything beyond her dark lonely room!

The key.......
Well I don’t know were that is at this time1
But if I dig deep enough I might find it in that mucky
Waste land I created for my self
It may take a day it may take years
But I’m going to find that key
And I’m going to save that little girl!

Hold on what’s this....
A key
Let’s hope it’s the right one!

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