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May 19, 2008
By Anonymous

You used to tell me stories
Of when you were a kid
All your childhood memories
And all the things you did
I’m sorry that you’re crazy
And that you can’t relate
Your reality is hazy
And all you do is hate.
You made me go to church
Told me to be the best I can,
But it always makes my stomach lurch
When you say I’ll never be a man.
I used to look up to you
Trust you with my life,
I never used to see the bad in you
Your anger towards your sons and wife
You never laid a hand on us,
But the pain will always remain,
From when you would sit and yell and cuss,
I wonder what you thought you would gain.
You wonder why people leave,
When all you do is yell
You say that you’re sorry, but too late for reprieve,
You’ve created your own personal hell.

You don’t realize that I’ll be leaving soon,
You can’t cope with that reality,
You don’t realize everything that you ruin,
Or how sorry you will be.
I always did my best to make you proud,
But it always came out bad.
I can’t say that I hate you,
But I’ll be glad to miss you dad.

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