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We and I, I and We

April 6, 2010
By nakasia merriweather BRONZE, Bay Shore, New York
nakasia merriweather BRONZE, Bay Shore, New York
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In the beginning there was just he and she
Then he and she became you and me
You and me then became we
We, she remembers We
We live, We laugh, We love
After we were We's, We became I
She remembers I
I live, I laugh, I love
What ever happened to I and We
We and I
I live and We love
What ever happened to Us
The life we planned
I hoped would someday come true
He said he loved she
That he would never leave she
But she was too blind to see
To see that it was too good to be
The life, the laughs, and the love We shared
So frail and so young
It didn't even stand a chance
Now it all falls for they
They lived, They laughed, They loved
The word they makes me sway
Sway with great sickness
As if a tide just pulled me in
Under, over, down
Down she falls
with He in he every waking thought
Never over He
Even with the pain he has brought she
It makes her sad to know that soon
Even They would change
Now what ever happened to he and she
That then became you and me
Then soon We and I
If you must know it'll soon turn to who
Who lived, who laughed
You said someone was in love?
But with tears in hand
She lives this life
Of corse without the one she loves
Without the life We planned
And without I and We
We and I
I live and We love
Now and forever
She'll hope and she'll wait
That one day he'll change his mind
Till then a kiss from her lips
Fall lightly upon his forehead
And she waits for the day
She would be called his again
And forever known as I and We
We and I
I live and we're in love
Forever and always
She loves him
I love you
Hope you'll find somehow
To love me too
In love
Forever and always
Always and forever
With you
My baby

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on Apr. 30 2010 at 9:47 pm
sparkofheart GOLD, Plymouth, Minnesota
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i am outraged by the fact that i am the first one to comment on this beautiful piece of work! you did AMAZING i am completely in awe of you! this needs to be published if it hasnt been already...this is seriously the most beautiful thing i have read on this website so far...okay so im a new user but i have been reading poetry for the past 2 hours and this one just inspired me to the max and i can only dream of writing something this beautiful one day :) amazing job you are a true poet :)