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The Winding Road

April 26, 2010
By TessaClaire BRONZE, Dunwoody, Georgia
TessaClaire BRONZE, Dunwoody, Georgia
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There was a time I seemed to stride,
Upon an open road,
Hoping I would find a life,
And make it as my own.

I sought a life of love and joy,

With very little haste,
Yet nothing could ever satisfy,
My overwhelming taste.

I searched far and I searched hard,
Yet I could never see,
The life I only dreamed about,
Was right in front of me.

There was a time I seemed to halt,
Upon the road with winde,
Realizing the life I wanted,
I had left behind.

This was a story so you can see,
No matter how far you roam,
The happiest place that you can be,
Is with your love, your home.

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