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You think you know me

July 9, 2010
By Uniqueada PLATINUM, Durham, North Carolina
Uniqueada PLATINUM, Durham, North Carolina
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Hey this is Rita you think you know me
I don’t think so for guarantee
Now I’m going to be guileless about whom I am
So you can get your facts right ma’am
Okay, okay, here it goes
R- I –T –A, yep say it with me
R –I –T –A, means pearl, that’s me

I’m a girl who always tries to be intrepid
I don’t refer myself as being languid
People say that I am a ruffian
But as you look around there’s people acting like a madman
I love to make witticism because it make people laugh
I don’t consider myself as a comedian so no autograph
I don’t like people who like to castigate others
Come on people love each other like sisters and brothers

I hate when I have to deal with a non irrefrangible heart
A heart that will fall apart
I have antipathy for people who give me mean visages
I mean if you a hater
Transmute the attitude or I’ll see you later
I am kind of a parsimonious person
So when I buy you something don’t be imprudence and complain

I don’t consider myself being decrepit
If you don’t believe me try to give me a fit
I like people who homage me
I’ll do the same to you; it’s easy as one, two, three
I try to be magnanimous and not be nefarious
I love people who are hilarious (ha-ha-ha)
If you want to be my friend you can’t be sedentary
If you don’t know what that mean look in the lexicon which is a dictionary

I try to meliorate my attitude
But I’m really not that rude
I’m not rankle or listless
Since I’m not I’m very sprightly and very bless
I might be out there, but I’m not puerile
Being rudimentary is not good for my life-style
I like to listen to my theologian at church
He is tall like lurch
I like people that are equitable
Also people who are affable
What about people who can fluctuate on the dance floor
Okay that’s all, I can’t say no more
So now you are an erudite for knowing who Rita is
So you better remember this
And don’t misconstrue about who I am

The author's comments:
this a rap that i did for extra credit in english four.

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