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Reminiscence Over Inferno

June 3, 2008
By Kevin Xiong BRONZE, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Kevin Xiong BRONZE, Cambridge, Massachusetts
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it’s time to depart
but I’m not ready to leave
my hands are pincers
as they clutch to the suitcase

don’t go

and I look
into your chocolate eyes
the only corner of your old character that
still remains

and back at the place I called
my home

my spirit will always stay here
where its stem had sprouted leaves
coming to a courageous bloom

don’t go

you say change is
a new door
a new dream
a new opportunity
one that we should embrace it

but then
why does it feel like my life
is being uprooted

ripped from its haven

don’t go

if our paths will cross once more
save this seed of me
in the sanctuary of your heart
where it will feed on your love
and thrive
germinating into your memory

and when I’m gone
you’ll realize

that I had actually never left

inferno’s burns will pain a minute
reminiscence’s damage comprises eternity within it

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