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The Fantasy Realm

December 29, 2010
By BrianDunlop PLATINUM, Valley Stream, New York
BrianDunlop PLATINUM, Valley Stream, New York
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Ironically, dreams are what drives our reality." - myself

The fantasy realm, we're man can not see
Through fables and stories and great mystery
Through minds and their souls tales are always told
Onto paper they fold
Until time shall choose hold
They can burn and disappear
And no one will care, except the fool's own confession
Because art is renewable and so are their lessons
In a fool's mind they may live, but less we forget them
Trapped in obscurity some tales will wander
Acast from society's grace the fool may ponder
In great depths the fool is lead away
And finds himself torn apart from which was laid astray
He dismisses his art and no longer creates
The fool has lost, but so is our restraint
Art is like beauty, very complex and is so
An eye of the beholder for one, but can never grow old
And time will always stay to feed art for entirety
But it will need a mind and a soul for the fantasy realm to breath

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