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Show Me

November 18, 2007
By Ariana Turner GOLD, Overland Park, Kansas
Ariana Turner GOLD, Overland Park, Kansas
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You whisper something in my ear
You promise me
You serenade me with sweet hopes
You call me and laugh me off

You tell me everything I want to hear
But don’t you see?
You may tell me everything and anything
But it doesn’t mean anything
An ‘I love you’ can mean nothing
Showing me that you love me means everything

Wishing me ‘good luck’
Isn’t the same thing as coming with me
Saying that everything ‘will be fine’
Is not the same thing as helping me

Words are meant to mean something
So why is it
That they can be as empty as air?
And that actions speak for themselves

You may tell me anything in the world
But if you show me that I’m everything in the world...
I’m yours

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