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The Enemy I Didn't See

January 18, 2011
By EternityRain GOLD, Burkesville, Kentucky
EternityRain GOLD, Burkesville, Kentucky
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Favorite Quote:
There is nothing worse
than not seeing much of the world
But having seen enough
To know you dont want to be a part of it......

All my life,
As short as it was,
I endured the strife,

Your unseen hands,
Pushing me down the wrong road,
Burying me in the angry sands,

I never saw,
As I followed you blindly,
You were anger - true and raw,

I'm not alive today,
I am but this shell,
That lost its lonely way,
On that cold night in may,

I miss being happy,
Smiling with my friends,
I don't want this life where I'm so unhappy,

So I will go on,
I will wait till you tire,
I will make my move no longer being your pawn,

I will win this war,
Because my future depends,
Once I am free my heart will soar,

And as you will see I shall be free,
One day soon I will be free,
Of this dreaded enemy,
The enemy I didn't see....

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