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The Hero’s Satirical Praise

June 5, 2008
By Tho B. Tran SILVER, Seattle, Washington
Tho B. Tran SILVER, Seattle, Washington
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Oh mighty hero wandering far and wide,
Protector of the innocent and counsel of the wise.
You have strengths if your wit fails,
Your indulgent words masks your truths.

Herakles*, oh, Herakles, one who shames men,
Your odysseys ring out without false praise.
You, favored son of Zeus and king amongst kings,
Faultless, you are, always so just.

With courage, so bold, you heed not cautions,
Bearing your fists against monstrous foes.
You need no help, not even from your kin,
One man alone feels the warm glow of fame.

As you slash your way and sail the globe,
Your brilliance and seafaring skills save your crew.
King of Ithaka**, wily Odysseus, your love is so great,
Wrapped in Humility, Loyalty and Faith.

You respect all gods equally, yet ask for no help,
See how Poseidon bows and calms his waters for you.
Sirens, Calypso, immortals and mortals alike,
Distract you they cannot as your heart aches for home.

Paris, prince of Ilion***, for you a thousand ships have sailed,
Impregnable walls, great warriors and mighty kingdoms fall at your feet.
You are so wise and cautious as you reason your decisions,
Which better goddess to lay your heart before than fairest Aphrodite?

How envious men are of your beloved Helen,
Inheritor of all perfection a woman may wish for.
How right you were to abduct her from her husband,
And take this mortal goddess splendidly to your heart and hearth.

Heroes you all are, acclaimed and magnanimous,
No star shines brighter than your destinies which are so light.
Prophesies are told and glorious legends are spun,
And all of you victorious, oh so noble conquerors.

Long live the fearless rulers of our realm!

*Herakles ~ another spelling of Hercules.
** Ithaka ~ another spelling of Ithaca.
*** Ilion ~ another name for Troy.

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