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June 7, 2008
By StayingStrong BRONZE, Scarborough, Other
StayingStrong BRONZE, Scarborough, Other
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I’m that person who finds life unbearable.
Who can’t seem to look beyond herself.
Her look, her personality is so terrible.
Always feeling like a rag doll on a shelf.

Nothing’s wrong but nothing’s right.
Everything just isn’t the same.
I try to smile with all my might.
I give up and put my head down in shame.

I hate when they say it’s just a phase.
No one knows how it feels.
Minutes turned into hours then days.
This time, it won’t heal.

You found the scars on my wrist.
They told me it’ll be alright.
I told you I’d stop but I couldn’t resist.
I swear I tried with all my might.

The sight of you crying kills me.
Breathing is becoming a chore.
My eyes are fogging I can barely see.
All I remember is hitting the floor.

You tell me that this is the last time.
I tell you I know and you’re right.
I see the blade, my partner in crime.
It’s time for me to fight.

I can barely move or even speak.
Become stuck in my own mind.
I’ve never thought I’d be so weak.
Happiness lost that I’ll never find.

This is my last goodbye.
Don’t worry, I’ll be fine.
But I can see through my lie.
Just can’t get past this useless heart of mine.


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