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Lover's Leap

January 8, 2008
By BrokenMusic SILVER, Louisville, Kentucky
BrokenMusic SILVER, Louisville, Kentucky
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The way things were, who could imagine

us getting together?

And falling in love, dying in love,

with chaos

all around.

One could only imagine how hard finding


would be in those circumstances.

Yet, if you look at it this way,

how could we not?

We lived up to the cliché, even for our

day and age, surprisingly.

But who said finding love was hard?

Quite, in my opinion, because you don’t

find love

love finds you.

It jumps out at you in the middle

of that tough path we all walk called


It shakes you silly, knocking some

sense into you,

but also it knocks some sense out of


It makes you forget anything important,


the image of only your lover in your


never being able to rid yourself of it.

Then slapping you across the face,

cursing you for not attaining your


Yes, love is a cruel punishment so many

of us desire foolishly.

What’s not to desire?

A feeling of hope, serenity, a clam


slightly caressing our cheeks as we

look out to the lands beyond, hopeful

as ever.

But also a strict tutor slapping our

palms every time

we are incorrect in our actions or say

the wrong thing.

A disciplinarian that doesn’t know a

pupil that doesn’t

live up to expectations, all of which

are extremely high.

A harsh sea wave, unmerciful and


to make this easy.

Nobody said love was easy.

And it wasn’t for us, it was quite


simply to see each other,

much less love each other.

The natural order of things told us to

hate each other,

but our hearts told us to go for it

and we did, thankfully.

Oh how we were such fools! loving so


so young-like, thinking we had a


Thinking the seal of a kiss could solve


thinking the dutiful act of marriage

bound ourselves together,

when we were never meant to be bound on


Because, you see, our love couldn’t

solve everything at the time,

it had to be complete in that great

world beyond to solve anything.

It did, and I don’t regret it, not for

a second.

We changed everything for the better in

a way most fitting,

and we finally ended up together, if

not on earth.

They may never see out love in the act

ever again,

but the passion and fiery soul of our


lives on in them all, coming back to

haunt them and changing

their actions almost entirely.

They now give love a chance, like they

never did to us,

and all it took was two lovers,

leaping into an experience like no


being tested and tried,

and ending up together in the end,

hand-clasped, lips sealed, making a

stand against them all

in one final leap.

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