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Cycle of Need

March 26, 2011
By MelissaBee BRONZE, Asheville, North Carolina
MelissaBee BRONZE, Asheville, North Carolina
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I’m overdramatic
But you might not know it
I tell myself urgently
Make sure you don’t show it
I think about things
I’m afraid that you don’t
Are there things you have done
I’m afraid that I won’t?
Inside I feel crazy
I think you do too
So why am I trying
To seem sane to you?
Irrational yet wise
An internal power
No one would know it
The way we all cower
If this is what’s normal
What I hear in my mind
Then what is this thing
We’re all trying to find?
What is this thing that we all try to be?
For it we struggle
We smuggle
We plead
We think everyone else
Shows us who we should be
But they think that too
It’s a cycle of need
I want you to show me
You want me to show you
Somehow we get answers
How can they be true?
If I answer your question
With your answer to mine
We’re nowhere
We’re lost
We’ll have fallen behind
Someone’s got to break it
But the problem is just…
I hope you’ll do it
And you hope I will
We both end up waiting
Because neither will
So I guess we’ll keep circling
I guess we’ll just wait
Take our cues from the rest
And hope for common fate
I guess it won’t change
I guess we’ll stand still
‘Cause no one will start moving
Unless someone else will
Inside you feel crazy
You’re afraid I can see
But why are you trying
To seem sane to me?
You think about things
You’re afraid that I don’t
Are there things I have done
You’re afraid that you won’t?
You’re overdramatic
But I’d never know it
’Cause you’d never dare
To let yourself show it
And neither would I
And neither would she
And neither would they
And neither will we

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