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Before He Falls

June 17, 2008
By Tho B. Tran SILVER, Seattle, Washington
Tho B. Tran SILVER, Seattle, Washington
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Before he falls, he sees great things,
Princesses and palaces all promised to him.
The riches and glory that long he had pined,
A grand title and name he wouldn’t have mind.
He left for Oz in seek of extraordinary spoils,
Even helped the queen and the frivolous royals.
An old man once told him to build a house of stone,
Instead he opted prudently for a portal of bone.
From there he stepped into a world so different,
Swept instantly into this globe of magnificence.
He flew o’er the land of the giants and wizards,
Upon the back of a dragon, that overgrown lizard!
Digging through the dwarves’ precious tunnels,
Jewels, shining so bright, he brought out in bundles.
But alas! The eternally cursed Hook claimed the treasure,
So he found help from Shakespeare, measure for measure.
He scared his way past Hamlet and tricked past Love,
And with pixie dust he flew to the heavens above.
Alice curtsied and dimpled as Cinderella mopped,
Meanwhile the vicious villains wanted HIS HEAD OFF!
Penelope sighed but he kept running on,
So many gods he had unwittingly conned.
But like the ever-swift rabbit, he must stride,
Not even great Atlas took steps so wide.
King Arthur hailed him as he pranced past,
If there were a race he would not come last.
As he gingerly and unhappily grew big and small,
He stepped on Snow White at her crowning ball.
And he swam the Seven Seas with Ariel, so sweet,
He even woke Briar Rose up without skipping a beat.
From Aladdin he stole a dusty, old lamp,
What junk! He threw it at the Lady and the Tramp.
When an ugly hag told him to build a flaming fire,
He heard a boy named Hansel call the witch a crummy liar.
And then came whizzing past a man made of dough,
Followed by a wolf and a girl who cried out in woe.
While leaping in the air, he was poked by a long nose,
Thus he landed in a Beast’s garden of a single rose.
He was tired and famished, but more was to come,
For Mama, Papa and Baby Bear are just a few to sum.
I can’t take more of this crazy journey he cries out,
And surely no one who heard this had any doubt.
So when he finally traveled through all the pages of the book,
He flung his armor and tore out his hair without a second look.
He runs away and climbs up the walls,
And he sees great things before he falls.

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