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Something More

March 21, 2011
By Tay33 BRONZE, Pittsfield, Illinois
Tay33 BRONZE, Pittsfield, Illinois
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Never tell anybody anything, you end up missing everybody

I’m from too much beer and not enough birth control
From lonely nights and trampolines
I’m from steady breaths and tip-toes
Miss concepts, yo-yos, and alternate egos

I’m from Kenny Chesney and midnight cigarettes
From summer nights and sand between my toes
From where I could’ve been and where I think I’m going to go

I’m from a small town and big city lights
From day dreams and imaginary friends
Where something catches my eye and light begins to bend

I’m from Blessing Hospital
From personnel clocking in and people clocking out
Where faces full of joy avoid faces full of doubt

I’m from the orchards finest and DDT
From cheap tricks and smoke rings
Made of paper wings and kerosene

I’m from back roads and bad ideas
From consciences calling in sick and morals missing in action
From scars that can’t be seen that just won’t heal
I’m from something more, something real

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