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June 1, 2011
By nutellaplushearts BRONZE, Modesto, California
nutellaplushearts BRONZE, Modesto, California
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Billboards showing photo shop,
Feel the need, more pills to pop,
Skinny is the new healthy, yes?
She vomits up meals, who's gonna guess,
He works out til' he can't walk,
But no one feels the need to talk.

Walking skeletons dutiful,
Bones and pain feel beautiful,
Fashion made for wraiths of hell,
Acting like they actually feel well,
No one bothers to take the time,
To see the reason, find the rhyme.

Amanda had a heart attack,
Too little food, too much crack,
Poor Ethan’s liver suddenly died,
Vomiting was all he tried,
Little girls and little boys,
Turning into money toys.

If beauty is as beauty does,
Then this is senseless, lacking cause,
Living sanely, that's the thing,
Making sure your spirit rings,
No one needs this vanity,
That's just more insanity.

The author's comments:
Society is screwed up.

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