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Smile (for the camera)

June 1, 2011
By nutellaplushearts BRONZE, Modesto, California
nutellaplushearts BRONZE, Modesto, California
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Every day they put on their masks,
Waiting for the picture frame.
It's so sad that no one asks,
What behind their joy, the pain.
When anorexia is in the mirror,
When the noose hangs taut,
Then the picture's getting clearer,
The world's not as perfect as we thought.
When the quiet lonely girl,
Felt depressions chills,
The world around her began to swirl,
When she took the pills.
When the mothers suicide,
Drove the boy to edge,
Poisoned himself with cyanide,
Then jumped off the ledge.
What if someone actually cared,
What if everyone did,
But instead someone ran scared,
And everyone closed the lid.

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