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We're Just Life's Puppets

June 27, 2011
By Determinded97 GOLD, New York, New York
Determinded97 GOLD, New York, New York
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Sometimes in life we want to quit. You’re one of the people that have taught me to do the exact opposite. People think that their idols are all perfect but in the end everyone has a major regret. We all can’t find reasons for the seasons that change just like our emotions that may just end up as rage. The feeling I had for you may have been full of passion but what is love if you get nothing when you cash in? Then I thought, “What if I can’t forget you?” But I know if I need a safety net then I will have someone catch it to have me rise after pain that I couldn’t recognize. Sometimes the weight you bear will be bigger in size. In the end truth is the thing that lies. That is when we decide which choice is right. We all have fight against ourselves. At times seeing sites is what sight is for yet a person can close their eyes and see a world of there own unfamiliar ties. We all need someone to help us through the pain and the person may be the cause of all the strain and the pulsing of fear through our veins. The people that should have been there weren’t and that’s when I turned to you because only the receiving person can understand the price of something priceless suspending loose. You didn’t leave me on the weak end even if it was the weekend and I became the opposite of weakened. Just trying to comfort me made me realize that people have seen beyond the naked eye. You took something inside me and made it surprise me by hearing it from the last person I would have thought. Its all you. And that means so much more that a few hugs or rubs on the back from a loved one. The ones we can’t survive without are friends, because you know they’ll drop what they’re doing to help. We need people like that because we can’t do that to ourselves if we destroy our image unknowingly cause untreatable damage. In hard times all we have is help to salvage. People now know too much about life on our planet and one day to mars we might have to transit. Yet everyday we see new faces and those faces make up the human races and count every persons paces. Everyone has a box inside of them that holds secrets captive. Weather we let them out is up to us. Maybe the lock can’t be picked or there will never be a key so the secret is forever alone and unknown. The only things that can be showed are problems of today and half of them we don’t even say. Teenagers at our age shouldn’t have to bleed because of the razor blades of depression. Adolescence used to be the best time of your life and now it’s a living hell because of the choices society made. Pain hurts, a lot. The only thing is, all of the pain, mistakes, regrets and hatred is in the past. Living in the present is impossible as such is living in the future. The future just becomes the present and the near present is the future. Since we cannot live in either of those, we dwell on our pasts because those happy memories will always come with sadness. Nobody really knows the meaning of life. Maybe if we put all of the philosophies of life people have made together someone will find the true meaning. There probably will never be a ending to the tainted splotches of our true colors that have now faded to a distant beam. A beam of light from the flash of the camera that holds the reel of film that needs time to solidify into memories and signify our past. I’ll just leave you at that.

The author's comments:
My friend was coming home and I wrote this to her.

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