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How I Feel Right Now

October 30, 2011
By sarahcarp63 DIAMOND, Denver, Colorado
sarahcarp63 DIAMOND, Denver, Colorado
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'The really important people in life have a way of coming back to you'
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'You don't have to be sick to get better'
'Come what may and love it'

They tell you not to fall too hard too fast
Not to give your heart to someone from the very start
They tell you to play it cool and take it slow
I know now why, because it tears you apart
Limb from limb, your soul from your body
Just walk away, but you can't anymore, it's too late
You're dead, lifeless, without a heart, ice cold
You gave him love and he only used it as bait
But there are some things a girl like me won't do
Not even for the boy who makes the world go 'round
And you say no, so he leaves right then and there
Shatters your heart so bad you can hear the sound
As it fall swiftly to the ground, broken
Right now its unfixable, no Band-Aid to be found
And all that can be done is to sit and cry
The pain is all too real, the only thing left to feel
Wrapped up in a dozen blankets but still so bare
Stripped of hope, memories, happiness and an excuse
"They told me not to" is all you can say "It was self-abuse"
You let yourself fall, believe in something that never existed
Lies, all of it, never real, any of it, even the soft kisses
Alone, weak and desolate, he left, he's gone
Don't pretend he's coming back, he's not coming around
Hope will only destroy the remains of your sanity
Broken forsaken and abandoned,
that's kind of how I feel right now

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