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Your very own Stalker

December 4, 2011
By RaquelAnonymous BRONZE, Mesa, Arizona
RaquelAnonymous BRONZE, Mesa, Arizona
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You needn’t be here

But you were so near

I wish you could be mine

But there were no signs

Affection was lacking

And my heart was cracking

You ignored me most of the time

I on the other hand stalked you ‘til it became a crime

Your threats were eliminated

Even your ex was cremated

Anyone who wouldn’t leave you alone

Was torn down to the very bone

Months past

And at last

Someone took notice of my actions

Causing me distractions

I was immersed in covering my tracks

Not even stopping for a snack

I knew if I messed up

I would be in lockup

But in my case it wouldn’t be temporary

Instead soon I would be put out of my own misery

But please remember this

You will always be my princess

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