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Stockholm Syndrome

January 2, 2012
By Rain. SILVER, Beechhurst, New York
Rain. SILVER, Beechhurst, New York
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Favorite Quote:
No matter how high you are, you always have to come back down.

I was taken a prisoner of love, 

It was subtle like the flight of a dove. 

He used his arms as rope, 
His tongue as poison, 

And told me we should elope. 

He took me in his car

And we drove away very far. 

I didn't know where he took me, no not a clue, 

But he kept on telling me the lie,"I love you." 

Finally he did, what he came here to do: 
He ripped my beating heart out of my chest. 

When I wouldn't stop crying 
He told me to give it a rest. 

How could I give it a rest when my heart is torn out of my chest and laying right beside me?

That monster doesn't have the key to make me happy. 

I thought he made me Queen of his kingdom. 

That day I figured out it was just Stockholm Syndrome. 

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deleted said...
on Mar. 27 2012 at 8:20 pm
deleted, Miami, Florida
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Kind of confused as to exactly what it was he did, but other than that the creativity is good and it's a nice piece :)