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What's Wrong

January 30, 2012
By Choosing2Live4Christ PLATINUM, Wausaukee, Wisconsin
Choosing2Live4Christ PLATINUM, Wausaukee, Wisconsin
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Is something wrong?
It's been so long.

Days go by without you,
Your extended absence is my cue.

I start to wondering 'bout my worries,
Do I talk so much, that everyone hurries?

I am a non-stop chatter box at times.
Until the stopping bell chimes.

I miss you ever so much!
All I want is your comforting touch.

Best friends should never be apart,
Which is why we're together in the heart.

Over 2000 miles I still seem to succeed,
In annoying people until, time, they need.

This one is at the top of my list.
The most faulty fault in my midst.

How much is actuall known to me?
I probably don't know the true key.

The key to the reason you've been gone.
I'm sure you'll return after long.

"What's wrong?", the question I wonder,
Until Satan's evil plots I plunder!

Nothing is wrong, everything is right!
Christ has risen, and won the fight!

The author's comments:
So, my best friend used to be on skype everyday, and then she hasn't been on at all for over a week. As is my poem "Best Friends Forever", this is dedicated to her. :) Because I know I can get annoying, but everything is alright thanks to Christ.

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