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February 1, 2012
By Aaka131 SILVER, Dunbar, Pennsylvania
Aaka131 SILVER, Dunbar, Pennsylvania
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"Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." -Dr. Seuss

Family isn't about the life you were born into
Nor about the blood which courses through your veins
Family is much more than these simple matters
Its about a bond and the invisible ties of a love which can only be gained
Some people think you must share blood to be called family
But I have very different views than they
I've taken control of my life and created my own kind of family
One in which I shall never betray
Most families are composed of blood relatives or some that are bound by legal documents
I've nothing against these families they're great and perfectly fine
Family is what you make of it whether its good or bad is up to you
I chose to find my own kind of family and its definitely one of a kind
My family consists of my parents of course, but there are many other people as well
I have my best friends, neighbors, classmates, and people who like to hang out
My family is the greatest one I could wish for and I'm glad they're part of my life
They've been there for me with help and guidance and shown me what life's all about
I feel I fit in with this special family much more than I do with my own
I am trusted, loved, and cared about just for the person I am
There is nothing better than a family which accepts you and makes you feel safe and secure
My family tends to get along in the strangest of ways just as the lion fell in love with the lamb
When you find your own kind of family and you realize how much they care
A family made just for you that fills the empty space in your heart
The special kind of relationship that can only be found in such a situation
This family forever stays a part of your life and they leave a lasting mark

The author's comments:
Whoever said family was about blood relations was wrong. I have a great family but we're related by something better than blood...we're related by love.

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