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Vampire love

March 6, 2012
By Princesspiper84 SILVER, Lodi, New Jersey
Princesspiper84 SILVER, Lodi, New Jersey
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Have you ever loved a vampire?
If you haven't i'll tell you.
They're blood sucking demons who care about nothing but peoples blood.
But if you fall in love with one its hell.
If they love you back its rare.

When you love a vampire it feels like your floating.
They literally have the ability to float.
They would claim that their only temptation is you.
but the truth is that they only see for your blood.

Once they get it, its a never ending thirst.
They would give you a kiss and go for the neck.
And you give them what they want.
Once they're done with your taste they'll leave you forever.
How do i know this you may ask?
Because i was in love with 1.

But now i carry a vampire hunter's sword.
I always keep my eyes open.
I'm always looking for him.
He was the one who turned me into this.
A vampire who is now a vampire hunter.

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