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July 21, 2008
By ImDumbStruck DIAMOND, Springfield, Virginia
ImDumbStruck DIAMOND, Springfield, Virginia
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Love is a feeling,
Love is an emotion,
It’s so strong,
Yet so faint.

It nurtures the soul,
When it’s genuine,
But when it’s fake,
It leaves a scar,
So deep,
It becomes a stain.

A stain on your heart,
That won’t let you breathe,
You can’t start anew,
It is a mark that forever,
You will bear.

It takes love,
So sweet and kind,
To bring you back to life,
To remove the memories,
That haunt your existence.

Does this figure exist?
Someone so pure that,
They can fill your empty soul,
Someone who can take on your burdens,
Someone who could love you unconditionally,
Never ending.

Yes you exist,
And one day,
I will find you,
But for now,
I will wait.

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