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May 4, 2012
By Mantequilla SILVER, Eagan, Minnesota
Mantequilla SILVER, Eagan, Minnesota
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Essence of the forest

Essence of the earth
Essence of the fog
Essence of the dirt
Essence of the hunt
And Essence of the trees
My name is myself
And this is me
This is me when I expunge
Myself from this world
And all it’s grunge
Its saccharine smiles
And all the lies
The dystopian wonderland
Of we who die
My world is nebulous
Devoid of form
And in places it challenges
The social norm
My world is a place
Where I run
Faster than a bullet
From a loaded gun
I sprint until I’m
Smutty with dirt
When my thighs burn
And my heart hurts
I stand there gasping
Enjoying the pain
For just one moment
Breaking the chains
I don’t expect you to understand
But try really hard
And maybe you can
Essence of the hunt
Essence of the breeze
Essence of the silence
And essence of me
This is words and actions
Sleepless nights
Overwhelming distress
And heated fights
My name is myself
And this is my song
It’s just a glimpse
Of where I belong.

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