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Living In A Lie

May 15, 2012
By RamonaThePunkRocker GOLD, Henderson, Nevada
RamonaThePunkRocker GOLD, Henderson, Nevada
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Living in a lie,
Pretending she could fly,
Escaping from reality,
All that sickening pride and nationality,
Waving there flags,
made of plastic bags and rags,
Sick of scraping by,
she finally said goodbye,
Now she lives in candy land,
Playing with a make believe band,
having friends who followed commands,
They fulfilled all of her demands,
In this secret land of lies,
she decided she would never say goodbye,
but corruption took root,
Every one wanted the queens power and loot,
Like a sea of strangers they rushed forward,
It struck a painful cord,
They begin a full fledged attack,
She wanted to go back,
Being with the ones she cared for,
Then like before she wanted home but now more then ever before,
Then the walls began to crumble,
And the world began to rumble,
Then she was in her bed,
Her face all red,
"I'm away from my lies,"
She was glad she had said goodbye,
she wanted the comforting arms of her family,
Pride and corruption, at least it was reality.

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