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Beautiful Disaster

July 25, 2008
By amanda.bower SILVER, Stacy, Minnesota
amanda.bower SILVER, Stacy, Minnesota
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maybe i know that you'll crave my secure arms someday, but i'll have come across someone who wasn't afraid. and that's why i can't let go.

For the first time all of my thoughts are set straight
The desperation of yearning for a renewed heart will just have to wait
I lose my senses when I feel your hand swaying up and down my back
But it's the consideration of your actions you tend to lack
Because the damage you've left
It just isn't okay.
I'm not sure what I want, but I know what I deserve
And from what's been said and done
The situation is relentlessly observed
I've got a few rehearsed last words and a perfect exit strategy
But when you look in my terrified eyes...
I realize the joke's been played on me
[It's been a disastrous && beautiful mistake from the very start]
If you really care as much as you claim
You've got to let me go before we're both put to unrequited shame
Not being able to sort out what's right from what's wrong
Puts me at too high of risks while my unsteady emotions begin to drown
Because from the very beginning,
I should've known you wouldn't always be around.
I'm not sure what you want, I don't know what you deserve
Nothing will ever really be solved
If the situation is aimlessly observed
There's an open door to leave and I'm impatiently waiting for you to walk away
But when I look at you with distress in my eyes...
You decide to stay.
[It's been a disastrous && beautiful mistake from the very start]<3

The author's comments:
This is mainly about a girl who begins to like this guy who's all wrong for her.

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on Apr. 13 2010 at 10:40 am
beautiful.agony BRONZE, Tonawanda, New York
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love has no distance :)

i really admire the thought you put into this, it really makes me feel your words.

on Mar. 22 2010 at 12:07 pm
ehh...bree BRONZE, Hesperia, Michigan
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wow....i love the description.

ur an amazing writer.<3