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I am an Island

July 5, 2012
By SteffSilhouette SILVER, Oxford, Mississippi
SteffSilhouette SILVER, Oxford, Mississippi
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An island in the middle of the ocean, that is me.

Isolated beauty just out of the reach of humanity.

Or maybe a ship wrecked just beyond it's open shores.

Debris both floating on the surface, and laying on the ocean floors.

Or maybe just a traveler lost among the vast blue.

Not a map nor a compass to help escape the ocean view.

A message in a bottle, that has yet to be found.

With a treasure map inside, that leads to an x upon the ground.

Perhaps a balloon floating above the waves below.

One let go by the birthday girl, just a few hours ago.

A seed flown here from the wind, to rest upon the sand.

One from a flower recently picked by a gentle gardeners hand.

A sailor on a ship, who has yet to find his niche.

A scuba diver who finds it comforting to swim among the fish.

A snorkeler not ready to give their body to the current.

A surfer who never lets a large wave become a deterrent.

Maybe it's okay, not to always go with the flow.

To learn the things you do, because you simply want to know.

To march to your own drum, because you'd rather dance to your own beat.

To feel stronger when separated, because when united, you feel weak.

An island in the middle of the ocean, that is me.

Isolated beauty just out of reach of humanity.

Or maybe I am just living a life detached and free.

And maybe, a loner, is what I was meant to be.

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