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Atop A Windowsill

December 26, 2012
By emilyjoy65 SILVER, Canton, Ohio
emilyjoy65 SILVER, Canton, Ohio
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She is a hummingbird
And she lifts her wings
She takes the nectar
That absorbs her stings
She holds it tight
Oh how she clings
To this essence
That gives her wings

She is a bumblebee
That buzzes around
One thing to the next
Barely touching the ground
She floats back and forth
Intrigued by sounds
That seep into her head
And make her buzz around

She is a mouse
Scurrying on the floor
Crawling as far as she can
To a figmented door
She takes one more nibble
She says only one more
Just one more bite
That strands her to the floor

She is a fox
Scavenging what she can
Hiding away
From what she holds in her hand
She sees what’s not there
Things that are banned
To the normal eyes
That don’t scavenge what they can

She is a girl
Atop a windowsill
Not a bird, mouse or fox
Just a girl with no will
She has nothing more
No more mind to kill
Animals no more
Atop a windowsill

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