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August 13, 2008
By ajibike PLATINUM, Monroe, Louisiana
ajibike PLATINUM, Monroe, Louisiana
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The days fleeting as swiftly as each breath of life
The want increasing as life is filled with strife
You wish, you want, you hope for it to be regained
The feeling of a time when you felt actually sane

Those days when mistakes were nonexistent
Today and tomorrow simply are not coexistent
Those memories continue to pass you by
As you sit and wonder and stop to cry

Yesterdays past and more yesterdays to come
The feeling makes you want to run
Life is passing and the day’s numbers are gone
To think that you are almost done

These yesterdays are constant as the sun
Each breath as unpredictable as the last one
Those times in the past that will never return
The heart you harbor waiting to be burned

The memories have faded and simply blurred
There is nothing; there is no cure
You are alone with yesterdays of past
Those yesterdays you knew would never last

The author's comments:
My name is Ajibike an writing is a huge part of my life. It was late one evening when I sat down in front of my laptop and the muse just hit me. All I could do was to write this piece. I think primarily I want you, as the reader, to understand what the piece means (in my eyes). It's a poem about the brutal truth.. that the memories of the past are just memories. They cannot truly be relived and since each day is a day closer to your death... it is senseless to live (sorrowfully) in the past, but one should remember and live on.

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dule05 BRONZE said...
on Jan. 25 2010 at 3:12 am
dule05 BRONZE, Kraljevo, Other
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Great job! It's so realistic and "brutally" true like you said and I enjoyed it. It also made me look back on my "yesterdays" as well...